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Thomas Kim, Nov. 2016 

Thomas Kim, Year 2003

What made me Write in This Website


I recently turned to in my 50s (fifties) and felt my whole life has been a big failure and meaningless. I decided to spend the rest of my life doing something meaningful to myself,  and useful to others as well. This motivated me to write in this website, my personal space and window toward the world. Through this personal website, I want to share my trivial knowledge and experience with others hoping such are of any use to someone who would take the trouble to read and watch my YouTube videos.

Copyright and Disclaimer


All source code files in this website are free of charge, whether used in the commercial and/or noncommericial environment and/or for any purpose, as long as such codes and alogrithms are originally authored by me, Thomas Kim Change Hee. I do NOT guarantee any merchantibility, expressed or implied, any liabilities and/or responsibilities, but not limited to the above mentioned and/or following, for any kinds of damages and/or losses that could possibly arise out of such use. I will NOT post on this website any codes and/or alogrithms created by other authors without paying proper credits to their respective authors. Should the need arises to publish such codes and/or algorithms as part of my own implementation, I will expressly make notice about such facts, and pay due credits to their original creator.

"The source codes and alogrithms are free of charge" does NOT entitle the users to own its credit. The source codes are simply the implementation of my alogrithm, i.e., my creative ideas. I firmly believe that "paying proper credit and due respect to its original author" is what makes the good person different and distinguished from the bad. We all learn from others, friends, school teachers, and the great minds who had had their turn of life 10, 100, 1000, and even 10,000 years before us. We find new ideas based upon such great minds. Our life on this planet is really short, what life of a man could be more fruitful and meaningful if he/she could leave somethhing behind to share with others and the new generations?

Where am I going?


Before where am I going, I have to say where I am from and where I am now? Well, my name is Thomas Kim Chang Hee, Korean, more specifically South Korean, born/raised/educated in South Korea. My family name is Kim, given name or first name is Chang Hee. "Thomas" is my business name. I've been using the name "Thomas" since 1998 when I first began to work as professional translator. Since then most of my foreign friends and/or clients know of me as "Thomas," which I named myselft after "Tom Sawyer" or the main protagonist of "Tom Sawyer's Adventure" by Mark Twain.

I was born in late 1960s, entered elementary school in 1972 to get a loaf of free but stale bread handed out by the school to its young hungry students. ...

I am General Manager at TranslatorsFrom.Asia