The Goal of This Series


Most programmers. even if he/she has significant amount of experience in Software development, lack of proper handling of unicode character system, probably because they have no experience in unicode character system in their daily life or work. People from latin based character system, such as English, do not (or may not) need unicode character system at all, but if they want to develop software applications targeting world-wide market, they have to learn and understand unicode character system. The goal of this series of tutorials is to help them understand and implement unicode-enabled software applications.

For details about character encoding, please refer to Wikipedia. This series of tutorials demonstrates how to convert from ANSI multibytes characters to UCS (or UTF-16) or UTF-8 encoding on Windows platform. For complete description about unicode, please refer to Unicode Consortium website.


Line Number in CRichEditCtrl


Before we learn about UNICODE system, we will learn how to add line numbering feature in CRichEditCtrl. Please download the source code for the tutorial video.

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Load and Save Unicode And ANSI text


This tutorial demonstrates how to save and load UNICODE and ANSI character text file in Rich Text Control. Download sample source code to follow the Tutorial Video.


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Implement Language Selection Dialog box


This tutorial extends our preivous tutorial to easily handle ANSI text file open in our software application. Download the sample source code to follow the video tutorials.


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Understanding Unicode or UCS, UTF8 and ANSI characters